Destino Research Group

Thank you for taking the time to visit my group's website. Here you will find introductory information regarding my teaching, research, and outreach activities. I invite you to peruse the site at your leisure. If you have questions or comments, or simply want to say "Hello!", please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or email.


Research Interests

    • Spectroscopic Imaging and Analysis

    • Scanning Probe Microscopy

    • Luminescence-Based Chemical Sensors

    • Sol-Gel Materials

    • Photoluminescent Materials

    • Optical Materials

    • 3D-Printable Materials

    • Surface and Colloid Science

    • Glass Science

Current Research Projects

Research in the Destino group centers on developing novel functional materials and analytical methods that help us better understand the fundamental chemistry behind these emerging materials. Regarding analysis, the group specializes in spectroscopic and scanning probe imaging techniques and analysis of imaging data sets for studying spatially resolved chemical speciation across surfaces. Regarding materials, the group is interested in several analytically, biologically, and commercially relevant materials. Some examples include novel sol-gel derived materials used for chemical sensing, separations, 3D-printing, and antifouling applications.